Camelia Brennan

NST Cophie: Mon’Da Center

I heard this album for the first time earlier this year, though it was originally released in the early 80’s.

While bunkering down in Brooklyn during a seemingly never ending pandemic induced societal collapse, Mon’Da Center was a bright glimmer of hope when everything else was falling apart. It is impossible to listen to NST Cophie’s afro-disco masterpiece, filled with back to back bangers, and not feel happier afterward — or at the very least, bop around a bit.

Kalita Records released three of the six songs from the album in 2017, but it otherwise seems to be rare. The difficulty to find such a great album, paints this larger picture of an endless supply of phenomenal music just waiting to be found, which also helps with ones outlook on the state of things. Everything is going to be ok, and if it seems otherwise, we’re just looking in the wrong places.

Anyways. Give it a listen and feel less sad!