Camelia Brennan

Alkaline Trio: s/t

In 2000 Asian Man Records released Alkaline Trio’s self titled album, which is a compilation of two EPs and a single. It was always my favorite Alkaline Trio release — though Maybe I’ll Catch Fire and Goddamnit! are incredibly close runner ups.

I was first introduced to the wide world of Napster in 6th grade, which was a real game changer. I initially downloaded some Alkaline Trio songs after the boy I had a debilitating crush on recommended them to me over AIM. I was then able to successfully transition from a deep obsession with Incubus and No Doubt to emo all day, every day. Alkaline Trio was the first punk-ish thing I had ever listened to, and it was all downhill from there! Finally, music I could quietly weep to while isolating myself from my family on vacation.

The bass lines were so dark! These men were so sad! They made Chicago, alcoholism and crippling depression seem romantic. I was hooked.

I later had a friend who would get hit in the head by his peers whenever “Nose Over Tail” played in the car. I’m not entirely sure why. I also had a crush on him .

Your voice like the sound of sirens
to a house on fire
you’re saving me

{(< spotify 5waByzUzczyEbkV55jcIke >)}